study about food nutrients, their sources, their function and the nutritional disorders as a result of insufficient or excessive intake of those nutrients

This course is intended to provide students with basic skills in crafts in order to enable them to produce practical projects in knitting, crocheting, embroidery,Tie and dye and Batik

Well to HEC 3515 S-B

The course is meant to equip you, student teachers with matters relating to current issues pertaining to window treatments: both interior and exterior, their choice and construction of curtaining. You will also be expected to produce:

  • A specimen file/folder on sewing processes of bed linen (duvet cover) and its accessories standard and continental pillow cases,
  • Various shapes of scatter cushions. 
  • Lined curtains with mitered corners and attach any of these curtain headings (raffled tape/rings). bearing in mind application of ART ELEMENTS of design: colour and light, shape/form, line, texture and PRINCIPLES of design: rhythm, balance, proportion on the project

The teaching and learning of Home Economics becomes so crucial in this current globalization and technological era, because it’s main purpose is to provide strong bases for students about the importance of family unity and welfare. The philosophical bases about the significance of Home management as a course are:

(1)   Democratic life of a family helps establish a democratic nation.

(2)   Every family has different beliefs about social and economic values, because such beliefs depend very much on the intended purposes and mission of the family. Thus, the quality of family life depends relatively on the understanding about the values of life of the community where the family is living; and the family can do and perform the best with its own human resources to help develop the nation (Rifai, 1983; Nurlaela, 2010).