This course is designed to equip the student teachers with the knowledge of the basic concepts of curriculum studies within the context of teaching technical subjects.  This course covers the curriculum design, curriculum planning and curriculum development processes.  The course should develop the ability of the students in identifying specific Technical Education requirements within schools and communities as well as making links with local authorities and the Ministry of Education.

The course is designed to further the student teachers' understanding of the context of teaching, its organisation, planning, and evaluation.  Emphasis will be placed on an analysis of different systems of teaching with particular attention on the use of explanation, demonstration, and questioning methods in the technical subjects both at Junior Certificate (JC) and Lesotho General Certificate in Secondary Education (LGCSE) level.  Students will be encouraged to become self-reflective and self-evaluative in relation to their teaching sphere.

 The study will be made of the central concepts in the design of Junior and Senior level technical studies programs; the development of aims and objectives, learning sequence, learning strategies, and students’ evaluating principles.

The production and use of learning resource materials and teaching aids should be appropriate to the needs of student teachers.