This course explores the historical foundations of the Basotho nation; their political, cultural, economic and social aspects. It further highlights student- teachers on strategies that Moshoeshoe 1 employed in building his nation from Botha- Bothe to Thaba Bosiu. The course further explains the political and socio- economic advancement of the Basotho during the colonial era. Again, the course provides an overview of Basotho’s road to independence, their post- independence, political and socio- economic developments and the implications of such developments on the environment. The theoretical knowledge thus obtained will enable student teachers to understand the problems of their country and suggest solutions as a way of informing policy.

 This course relates the historical foundations of the Basotho nation to social studies content presented to pupils at primary school level. It also introduces student- teachers to the social studies curriculum and pays particular attention to the primary school syllabus. Again, methods of teaching social studies at the primary school will be dealt with.