The course has been developed in order to familiarise the students with the concepts and skills involved in two and three dimensional design and designing in craft technology and related fields.

This course involve students meeting needs that can be encountered through analysing problems and design solutions; with the students having access to and using a wide range of sources and resources, developing ideas and considering alternatives, deciding upon appropriate solutions, modelling in appropriate ways, determining materials and methods of construction, planing methods of production, testing and evaluating the product or the system.



The student teacher should be able to:

 i.      Identify clearly from a problem situation a specific need for which a                                               solution is required.

 ii.      Define and analyse a problem by considering any relevant functional, aesthetic,                           human,    economic and environmental factors.

 iii.      Investigate, research, collect and record relevant information.

iv.      Communicate ideas by using appropriate methods.

v.      Develop appropriate graphical skills to enable full engagement in design activity.

vi.      Realise a solution in appropriate material(s) using suitable techniques.

vii.      Demonstrate knowledge of materials by showing an understanding of their characteristics               in relation to their use.

viii.      Test and evaluate a design solution.

ix.      Encourage design and technological awareness in relation to society and the environment.

x.      Foster attitudes of co-operation and social responsibilities to enhance the quality of the                   environment.


-          Lectures

-          Demonstrations

-          Assignments

-          Projects


-          Continuous Assessment: continuous assessment of class-work and assignments given

-          End of Semester Examination

-          Total: Course Work 40%; Examination 60%

-          The evaluation of the course is:     -     Technical Drawing 70%

                                                                   -     Graphical Design 30%




Module 1    Introduction to Design

-          What is design?

-          How do we become a designer?

-          Influence of design on our lives;

-          Design Process.


Module 2     Lines and Shapes

-          Drawing techniques;

-          Types of lines;

-          Natural shapes;

-          Geometrical shapes;

-          Designing with shapes;

-          Freehand sketching.


Module 3    Technology and Society I

-          Craft and industrial design;

-          Design and industrial production;

-          Hi-tech design;

-          How perfect is design?


Module 4    Techniques in Design I

-          Lettering

-          Thick and thin line techniques

-          Shading techniques

-          Adding tone to drawings

-          Adding texture to drawings




Module 5    Enhancement of Drawings

-          Oblique views;

-          Isometric views;

-          The language of colour (pencil crayons, pastels, felts, paint);

-          Design project.


Module 6   Technology and Society III

-          Influence of design upon our lives;

-          Advertising;

-          Design and different cultures.


Module 7  Techniques in Design II

-          Representing shadows on a drawing;

-          Exploded views.


Module 8  Design Presentation

-          Presentation of design ideas;

-          Sectional views;

-          Sequence drawing;

-          Summary of drawing methods.


Module 9   Aesthetics in Design

-          Shape and form;

-          Golden mean proportion;

-          Ergonomics.


Module 10   Model

-          Producing models

-          Types of packaging


Module 11   Technology and Society V

-          Influence of design;

-          Fashion and obsolescence;

-          Appreciation of design evolution.


Module 12   Design Projects

-          Assisting students in the production and presentation of design folders (portfolios) in                      connection with projects given in Metal and Wood Technology.