The course focuses on providing trainees with basic theoretical knowledge of Art and Crafts. This course is designed to introduce student teachers to the following: General introduction to the course; What is Art and crafts; self expression of what one thinks, smells, hears, dreams; a way a person expresses his /her sense of beauty in all forms of art eg. Drama, music, dancing and functional  art; Classification of art and crafts ; Classified into two main categories; 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional art. Terminologies of art and crafts. Various art and crafts terms are discussed with student-teachers as new language. Characteristics of an art teacher ; the teacher has love for the subject; understanding children's developmental stages and growth; flexibility and receptive, interpretation and evaluation. Importance of teaching art and crafts in schools ; Unique intellectual development; physical coordination aesthetic awareness; joy and good habits etc. creativity and entrepreneurial:  reflections on the Integrated curriculum ; Uses of available resources and sustainability; skills in raising money from artefacts. History of Art and culture of Basotho (past and present).Visual culture and theories on African arts; African beliefs - Religion; Ancestorship; the soul; underworld ; death;  ghost; animals and trees; rock and cave art; Influence of other cultures on Basotho culture. Teaching methodologies: Overview of teaching and learning of art and crafts in schools; Improvisation and teaching resources on sustainable development. Colour theory and practical: Primary; secondary and tertiary colours: cool and warm colours; neutral colours. Practical creative abilities: collage, painting and modelling.