The student-teachers are acquainted with different forms of essays, comprehension, use of cellular phones and information and communication technology (ICT).  The student-teachers will also be taught techniques of filling different types of forms. In addition, they will also be taught the Sesotho curriculum with emphasis on the importance of syllabus reading, scheming and lesson planning and recording of work done. Moreover, student-teachers will be taught to assess their learners using Assessment for Learning (AFL) approach and be familiarized with micro-teaching. Lesotho Language policy will be studied, and teaching methods for communication skills will be taught. The students will compose essays and poems basing themselves on the following challenges: global warming, environmental issues, drug abuse, human trafficking and HIV/AIDS. The course will foster into students, knowledge of using language in different situations.  It will also teach them self-awareness and survival skills in the changing world. Reading skills such as skimming and scanning will be developed in student-teachers.